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Snipe Definitions & Statuses

Buffer: The buffer refers to the number of seconds before the end of an eBay auction when your bid is automatically placed. This allows you to strategically time your bids to increase your chances of winning the auction. By setting a specific buffer, eSnipe will automatically submit your bid at the chosen time to minimize the chances of other bidders reacting in time. We recommend using either a 3 or 5-second buffer.

Max Bid: Represents the highest amount you're willing to pay for the eBay item. It's important to enter your absolute maximum bid when using our service. Your Max Bid allows AuctionStealer to bid on your behalf automatically.  This strategy eliminates the need for constant monitoring and ensures that you stay within your budget and secure the item at the best possible price.

Minimum Bid: On eBay, the minimum bid is determined by the current bid when your snipe is placed and the auction's bid increment. The bid increment ensures fair competition and gradual bidding increases during an auction. See: Minimum Bid and Bid Increments


Snipe Statuses

  • Ready: This item is ready to be sniped.
  • Scheduled: Your item has been scheduled and will be bid on soon.
  • Checking: Your bid was placed, and we are now checking the outcome.
  • High Bidder: Your bid was placed; you were the high bidder and will verify the outcome after the auction closes.
  • Cancelled: You canceled this item to prevent a bid from being placed.
  • Cancelled by Group: This bid was canceled due to a previous item winning in this Bid Group.
  • Ended Early: The seller ended the auction early, or Buy It Now was used.
  • Won: Congrats, you won this item!
  • Won (Manual): You won, but the bid was placed manually.
  • Below Minimum: Your Max Bid was below the minimum bid or the current bid + the bid increment.
  • Max Bid Low: Your max bid is below the item's minimum bid or current price.
  • Outbid: You lost this item because another bidder bid higher.
  • Reserve Not Met: Your Max Bid needed to be higher to cover the auction's reserve price. A reserve price is set by the seller to ensure the item sells above a specific price.
  • eBay Link Issue: Your bid was not placed because of an issue with your eBay link.
  • Bid Blocked: This bid was blocked by the auction site or seller due to an issue with your account.
  • Watch: Watch only item because your Max Bid was set to zero when entered.
  • Not Certain: We are unable to verify the outcome of this item.
  • Auction Site Error: The auction site had a problem when we placed your bid.
  • Missed: We missed your bid due to internet congestion between our service and the auction site.

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